Environmental Disclosures

Metal  This finish may not be available in all patterns. Please see specific pattern page for finish options.

Metal finishes require multiple steps. First, the panels go through our sand and prime process using our standard lacquer primer. The surfaces of the carved MDF panels are then inspected and cleaned. The panels are then sanded and primed again with a specially formulated primer. Metal ore is mixed into a liquid form and applied to the panels. After the metal has properly cured, the metal surface is hand-buffed revealing an authentic true metal finish. As with any raw metal surface, natural oxidation starts immediately. The metal surface requires several coats of hard finish wax to slow this natural process down. Finger printing and discoloration can be caused by natural oils found on the hands. Rubber gloves are required during these processes and should be worn when unpacking, handling and installing panels with a metal finish. The final results give a stunning appearance of a carved metal panel. Please note the Rusty Steel is a transferable finish, any top coat applied (due to the PH value) will cause the rust to revert to its base Ore state. The oxidation process is a natural process and the color ranges and patterns are uncontrollable on the panel surfaces.