Environmental Disclosures

“Screens” are available in core materials that can meet your strictest environmental product requirements while maintaining your unique design intent. All Sustainable Products meet or exceed the most stringent global emission standards and are made with 100% recycled wood fiber, including Post-Consumer Recycled Wood Fiber. Our core materials are third party certified by SCS and EPP, and have been approved by the Collaborative for High Performance Schools by passing the rigorous California Section 01350 testing.




Cells Screen

Circle 2 Screen

Circle 6 Screen

Circle Screen

Circuit 3 Screen

Diamond Screen

HSPVT Screen

Organica Screen

POP 006 Screen

PVT Screen

Sponge Screen

Square Screen

Lotus 2 Screen

Trax Screen

Lotus Screen

Camo Screen

Off Set 8 Screen

Straight 8 Screen

Labrys 1 Screen

Labrys 2 Screen

Pinwheel Screen

Shattered Screen

Honeycomb Screen

Big Eyes Screen

Little Eyes Screen

Star Screen

Flow Screen

Daisy Screen

Splat Screen

O.R.I.S. Screen

Oval Screen

Box Screen

Hex Screen

Oval Vert. Screen

Cylinder Screen

Bricks Screen

Thru Diamond


Triangle Screen

Wavy Screen

Wavy 2 Screen